Guided Current Audio Capacitor

Audio use 4TTN Capacitor is a unique 4 terminal capacitor designed specifically for Audio. This is a patented design which is particularly effective in all applications that need exceptional filtering. We also offer OEM/ODM services for customer to have their need of capacitance and voltage, furthermore, we offer OEM sleeve to have your own brand and size.
  • TNF103M1J4052B
  • TNC
  • SNF
  • SNS
In the audio industry, this is a well –known fact that Capacitors make a big difference to the sound quality of an amplifier. However, have you ever think the reasons why?
Conventional capacitor is prone to induce eddy currents. These currents prevent the capacitor from doing its job optimally, thus degrading subjective sound quality.

Guided Current 2T (Slit-foil) Capacitors
In 1984 DNM has invention the slit foil capacitor, which a major improvement in audio capacitor performance.
By introducing a series of tiny slits in the foil conductors these eddy currents are dramatically reduced, so improving the subjective and measured performance.

Guided Current 4TTN (T-Network)-the world’s Best Audio Electrolytic Capacitor
        In order to minimize unwanted effects such as stray resistance, inductance and eddy current, 4TTN capacitor change the terminal design, instead of the single positive and negative terminals, 4TTN has 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

        These extra terminals are connected in a T pattern, guiding the current along a controlled path, which reduce the resistance and inductance, and the technology is combined with slit foil to eliminate eddy currents.
        Subjectively, the performance of 4TTN is absolutely unparalleled-it transforms the sound of even the best amplifiers.
        Objectively, 4TTN improve the measured high-frequency filtering by reducing the source impedance of the power supply. The high frequency advantage offered by 4TTN has additional benefits for manufacturers trying to comply with EMC regulations.