• Non Inductive Resistor
    NWU / NWS / NWP Type
    Low inductance value
    ( 1KHz: under 3uH )
  • High Pulse Wire Wound Resistor
    HVW Type
    Pulse of 25KV discharge
  • Cement Resistor
    SQP / SQM / SQZ Type
  • Metal Film Resistor
    MF / FMF / MF-S Type
    Standard and Mini Size
  • Metal Oxide Resistor
    MOF / MOF1/2W Type
    Standard and Mini Size

  • Wire Wound Resistor
    KNP Type
  • Wire Wound Mini Size Resistor
    KNP-S Type
  • Power Chip Resistor
    MR Type
    Low inductive
    ( 100K Hz under 50nH )
  • Ultra Low Ohm (Metal Strip) Chip Resistor
    NB (for Power Management)
    MB (for Power Management)
    SWPS (DC-DC Converter, Charger, Adaptor)
  • Automotive Grade Current Sensing Chip Resistor
    Automotive Industry
    Power Management Applications
    Switching Power Supply
    Over Current Protection in...
  • Automotive Grade Anti-Sulfurated Chip Resistor
    High-end Computer
    Industrial Equipment
    Automatic Equipment Controller
    Medical Equipme...
  • Carbon Film Resistor